Aubrey Bell translated into English a few poems of Gil Vicente, but as the title of his work indicates, makes a partial selection of some of the lyrical aspects of poetry of Gil Vicente. Never referring to the context where the poems fall, nor making any reference to the dramatic aspects possibly involved in these poems. So, never in transmitting a brief idea of dramatic works where these poems are integrated. We repeat: Aubrey Bell in his book so only groups a set of poems - some are only extracts from speeches of characters in some plays - selected for their lyrical aspects, never referring (the drama) to anything on plays, that is, to the work of Gil Vicente.

       Therefore we must alert the reader that the excerpts from works by Gil Vicente translated into English, in anything they relate neither contribute with a simple idea of what was, and is, a dramatic work (the Theatre) of Gil Vicente, but just show us some lyrical aspects of poetry of Gil Vicente, the selection (individual) of lyrics organized by Aubrey Bell.

       Still the work of Aubrey Bell have contributed and continue to contribute to the knowledge and dissemination of the work of Gil Vicente... However the exclusive read book Lyrics of Gil Vicente creates in the reader a false impression of the playwright's plays. Without resorting to anything else, the simple analysis that here, on this page we present, demonstrates that.

Aspectos da lírica de Gil Vicente
Translated to english
Aubrey F. G. Bell

Lyrics of Gil Vicente
Oxford - B. H. Blackwell, Broad Street - 1914.

      In the plays of Gil Vicente, the poems are songs lyrics..., some are interspersed in the speeches of the characters...

       Read Poems and extracts from speeches ...

1503, Reis Magos

31  When Crist was born.
1503, Quatro Tempos
52 A christmas hymn
22 In the garden the roses blow
27  Spring
21  Song of angels
1504, São Martinho
53  The beggar's complaint.
1506, “Sermão” de Abrantes
54  Cold now his hands
1508, Alma
6   Mater dolorosa
7  Broken and a contrite heart
1509, Quem tem farelos
13 The Escudeiro's song
1511, Sibila Cassandra
51  Cassandra's song
46 Who ...speak with the maiden
30  Love song
43  Go forth to war
1512, O Velho da Horta
23 Who is the maiden ?
1518, Barcas
17  The knights of God    
5   Rowers now are rowing
1519, Viúvo
33 Invitation to death
40 Now be glory and all praise
50  Two sisters are bemoaning
1521, Rubena
42  Despair
15  Echo
20 Consolation
49  Falcon and heron
1522, Dom Duardos
37  Sacred must thou, palace, be
34  A lover's lament
35 Three days she has not come
24  O my passion and my grief
38  Flerida and Dom Duardos
1523, Pastoril Português
14 Take, o take those eyes away
3   A Carol
1524, Feira
2   A Christmas carol
1525, Frágua de Amores
44 The forge of love
1525, Almocreves
4   A hill song
1526, Templo de Apolo
48  The eagle's flight
1526, Divisa de Coimbra
36 Come, misfortune
1527, Nau de Amores
28  The ship of love
1527, Serra da Estrela
12  The disappointed lover
16  A love song
1528, História de Deus
8   A shepherd's song
39 The prisoners
1529, Triunfo do Inverno
26  Winter
32  Hope
29  Winter to the sirens
10 Woman's regret ...longing
19 A love song
25  The triumph of spring
1532, Lusitânia
11  A love song
1   May
47  Who ...the maiden's love
45 A love song
1534, Mofina Mendes
9   A psalm (a parody)
1536, Floresta de Enganos
41  Love's lament
1536, Epitáfio
18  Gil Vicente's epitaph

      Table of Contents of the book
Lyrics of Gil Vicente

“... For three centuries after his death his genius was not fully recognized in Portugal, but since the Hamburg (1834) edition of his works his reputation has grown steadily, and he now takes his rank among the greatest poets of the Peninsula.
Aubrey Bell, in Lyrics of Gil Vicente.
Gil Vicente O Teatro de Gil Vicente
O Teatro de Gil Vicente
E pera declaração
desta obra santa et cetra...,
quisera dizer quem são
as figuras que virão

por se entender bem a letra.

  ... em  Romagem dos Agravados.
Lendo o Auto da India de Gil Vicente
Ler Erasmo e Gil Vicente

As figuras
nas personagens dos Autos
- os protagonistas -
em Obras

As suas obras dramáticas,
a lista de todos os autos,
em Autos

Datação das obras, dos Autos de Gil Vicente
Gil Vicente, artista da Renascença, reinventor do Teatro

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