1534, Mofina Mendes

(extracts from speeches). A psalm.

Praise the Lord on high,
Spirits of the blest!
Praise Him in the sky,
His glory ceaselessly
Let your song attest.

Angels of the Lord,
And depths of darkest night
By you the Lord of might
Ever be adored
In power infinite.

Praise Him, sun and moon,
Praise Him, stars and light,
And Jerusalem,
To great glory grown
By His birth this night.

Praise to God be given,
Waters that are sent
O'er the firmament.
Praise the Lord of Heaven,
Thunder and lightning blent.

Praise Him on the earth,
Dragons and all ye depths,
And after your kind,
Mists and mountain-heigbts,
Clouds, eclipses, wind.

All ye nations, praise,
Wild beasts, tempest-shocks,
Serpents, birds, and flocks,
All that the world locks
In its diverse ways.

Ó devotas almas felis
pera sempre sem cessar
laudate dominum de celis
laudate eum in excelsis
quanto se puder louvar.

Louvai anjos do senhor
ao senhor das altezas
e todalas profundezas
louvai vosso criador
com todas suas grandezas.

Laudate eum sol et luna
laudate eum stellas et lumen
et lauda Hierusalem
ao senhor que t'enfuna
neste portal de Belém.

Louvai o senhor dos céus
louvai-o água das águas
que sobre os céus sois firmadas
e louvai o senhor Deos
relâmpados e trovoadas.

Laudate dominum de terra
dracones et omnes abysi
e todas adversidades
de névoas e serra
ventos nuvens e eclipsi
e louvai-o tempestades.

Bestie et universa
pecora volucres serpentes
louvai-o todalas gentes
e toda a cousa diversa
que no mundo sois presentes.







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