1536, Floresta de Enganos
Character CUPIDO lament (lines 267 - 281)
(extracts from speech). Love's lament.


To whom shall I my sorrows tell ?
Who will listen to my woe ?
Why in such a time farewell,
Comfort, wouldst thou bid, and go,
Leaving Love alone to dwell ?

Hope, that fair appeared to me,
What away from me could wean thee?
Were I now thy face to see
Still wouldst thou a stranger be,
Since so long I have not seen thee !

They who sightless Love portray
No wise fancy so devise,
For Love has as many eyes
As the deaths for which I pray ;
And not one to me replies.


A quién contaré mis quexas,
A quién diré mi tormento...,
remedio, por qué te alexas
de ver amor que solo dexas
neste término momento?

Oh justa esperanza mía,
qué fue de mí y de ti...,
si te viese algún día
ya no te conocería,
tanto ha, que no te vi.

Los que me pintan ciego
no es ansí como conviene,
que, amor tantos ojos tiene,
como de muertes me ruego
Y ninguna me conviene.

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