1526, Templo de Apolo
(poem). The eagle's flight. (1)
(1) The eagle was the daughter of King Manuel of Portugal, and the occasion her marriage to the Emperor Charles V. "She was - says Damião de Goes - of such high thoughts that she resolved to marry only the greatest Lord in Christendom, and that was the Emperor Charles V, her first cousin."

Eagle that has flows so high
Might have flown into the sky.

Eagle of so fair a flight,
Since it reached so far a height
Over land and ocean, might
Even fly
Out of sight into the sky.

Eagle is the Princess fair
Of the royal, graceful air,
Who, had greater worth been there
To descry,
Every rival would defy.

She, the royal eagle, gone
To her lord's imperial throne,
Has received it as her own,
Since her nature waa to fly
To the furthest height of sky.

Águila que dio tal vuelo
también volará al cielo.

Águila del bel volar
voló la tierra y la mar
pues tan alto fue a posar
de un vuelo
también volará al cielo.

Águila una señera
muy graciosa voladera
si más alto bien hobiera
en el suelo
todo llevara de vuelo.

Voló el águila real
al trono imperial
porque le era natural
sólo de un vuelo
sobirse al más alto cielo.

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